Logistics infrastructure

Our entire fleet of vending machines is equipped with high-performance equipment to maintain the quality of the products throughout the transport. Thus, in 2017, we renewed the distribution fleet with non-polluting cars, currently totaling 95 vans equipped with high-performance air conditioning and temperature monitoring systems during transport.

Our vending machines have the ability to transport products in two temperature controlled regimes: 20-80C and 150-250C. All the air conditioning equipment has been certified, ensuring that the temperature is maintained within the set limits, during transport throughout the car. Each machine is equipped with an electric refrigerator necessary for transporting heat-sensitive products. It connects to the car battery and is validated to ensure that the appropriate temperature is maintained between 20-80C.

To monitoring the temperature and humidity both inside the machine and in the refrigerator, all machines are equipped with suitable recording devices, periodically calibrated, with connection to appropriate mobile printers.