Quality Declaration

By implementing and respecting the quality assurance system, we have the following objectives:

  • gaining customer trust through the services provided and the reputation of the organization;
  • adapting to customer requirements and finding mutually beneficial business solutions;
  • contributing to increasing the accessibility of patients to treatment through a product portfolio, through national coverage and through partnerships with our customers and suppliers;
  • ensuring compliance with the legislative requirements, with the Guide to Good Distribution Practice and with those of the Quality Management System implemented in Europharm Distribution, in carrying out the activity of each of us;
  • developing a competent team oriented towards high performance, encouraging fairness and ethics in our entire activity, creating a quality-oriented work climate;
  • permanent increase of the efficiency of the distribution activity;

As a General Manager, it is my responsibility to guide the company towards increasing turnover and financial stability, to create and especially to maintain an environment that promotes and respects the quality assurance system.

Therefore, we grouped the activities of the quality assurance system in the Quality Manual, in the Procedures, in the Quality Declaration, as well as in all the other documents of the quality system, the basic tools in our daily activity oriented towards quality.



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